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Over the last century, the Norman and Saxon realms have become more disordered and tumultuous. The relationships between the kingdoms have deteriorated, but with the impending marriage between the House of Langstone and Tyrele, there is hope for peace and unity.

Queen Crestian Langstone has invited all royal families from the Realms to the Castle of Westerfell to join in celebration the night before her son’s wedding.

It is curious that some of the invited guests have previously been banished or have fled the Kingdom of Westerfell for fear of their lives, but for some peculiar reason, they have accepted the Queen’s invitation and will attend the festivities.

Does the Queen have ill-intentions, or is she turning over a new leaf and extending the olive branch to her former foes?

The Battle of Hastings took place on 14 October 1066. On this occasion we will mark the date with this murder mystery along with knights fighting prior to dinner. A unique event for only limited guests.

Are you a super sluth?  With our murder mystery dinners you receive a unique character and you are part of the scene.

So if you have an inner acting ability this is the time to show it and have a great laugh on the way.

Event includes three course dinner and welcome drink, you get dressed for the night in medieval costume depicted by your character.

Bookings only in advance.

$35 deposit per person required to receive character, with balance payable prior to the event.